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Since 2012, Marmot Audio have been designing and building electronic and physical solutions for a plethora of discerning sound designers, musicians, composers and sonic explorers: from guitar pedals to studio outboard racks to complete synthesizers and everything in between.

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audio design and composition

24 years professional industry experience in audio production: music composition and recording, foley, sound design and editing, video production and editing.

electronics assembly and design

From guitar pedals, desktop synths, studio outboard modules, modular panels, to custom mechanical and electronic design solutions.

pcb and modular assembly

Experience with just about every modular format (Euro, MOTM, Serge, Bugbrand, Frac, CGS). Trusted and recommended by modular DIY creators and sellers especially Thonk UK.

mods, repairs and servicing

Scratchy pots, flaky switches, blinky LEDs? Or maybe a crazy modification idea? Realistic pricing for a huge variety of audio gear. Free and honest evaluation.

Where the magic happens...


“Gear lust for a Shruthi XT was held in check only by my incompetence with a solder iron until I remembered that Neil was one of Mutable Instruments recommended builders. I knew of his good reputation already from people I trust on Muff’s forum so had no hesitation in asking him to build me one.


He was as good as his reputation suggests; clear communication, fair pricing, quick turnaround and precise, clean work. Good packaging for delivery too. I am delighted with the synth and am more than happy to join the long list of people who recommend Neil for the quality of the work and the service he provides. Great stuff!”


—  Mark, UK


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