• Neil Baldwin

Thanks Thonk!

Starting from March 2020 Marmot Audio is now offering a full service for people who are interested in huge variety of module kits that Thonk offer but are terrified of the idea of having to build one.

Marmot Audio will build the modules for you meaning you can sit back, relax and wait for the completed module to arrive in the post. We will take care of ordering, building, calibration, setup, testing and shipping for you.

  • Small module, single PCB: £25

  • Small module, multiple PCBs: £30

  • Medium module, single PCB: £30

  • Medium module, multiple PCBs £35

  • Large module, single PCB: £40

  • Large module, multiple PCBs: £50

Price does not include shipping (or the cost of the kit, of course!). Shipping will be calculated separately depending on the finished module size and value and also your geographical location. I will agree a total price with you before we proceed.

All work carries a 12-month, no quibble, workmanship warranty meaning that if anything goes wrong with a module during that time (providing it's not obvious that you've plugged the power cable in backwards or dropped it down the toilet) then send it back to us and we'll sort it for no charge.

If you want to discuss the building of any other kits that fall outside of these descriptions then please get in touch - we are fast, reasonable and reliable!


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